Multi-point Locks

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Got a problem with a UPVC door or window? Can't open it or close it? No problem, give365:Locks Cheama call as we have extensive knowledge and many years experience working on multi-point locks and window locks on UPVC doors and windows. There are 3 types of locking system on these doors, the first and most popular is the lift handle variety, where you lift the handle to engage the hooks, rollers or bolts and then a turn of the key locks it in place. There is also an auto locking version of this, where lifting the handle is all that is needed to dead lock it. The 3rd variety is locked by the key alone and is known as a key and turn mechanism. Usually 2 full turns of the key will ensure all the locking points are engaged. If you are experiencing any difficulty in locking these doors it is best to sort the problem sooner rather than later, as forcing the handle up or extra pressure turning the key can result in the multi-point mechanism breaking. This in turn will result in a higher repair bill, as the lock will need to be replaced.

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At 365:Locks Cheam we want to give our customers a great service which won't leave a hole in your bank balance. This is why we carry an extensive range of stock including many multi-point locks.This means that in many cases we can turn up at a job, identify the problem and replace the faulty part there and then. This saves us time, as we don't have to go away and source the part, and it means that you, our valued customer can get on with your day, safe in the knowledge that your security is fully restored.

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On the the rare occasion that we can not replace a part for you on the spot, we do not charge you, our customer, to go off and collect the part. Why should you have to pay extra because our stock is insufficient? With multi-point lock problems we have a set labour fee of 75 to complete the job no matter how long it takes. This price may vary for out of hours work, but it will still be a fixed price to get the job done to your satisfaction.

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You may appreciate that there are hundreds of UPVC door locks on the market, so we can never guarentee that we will be carrying your specific lock. We do however carry those that we know to be the most common. The price of them varies considerably from about 35 for a lock case to over 200 in some instances. The most expensive I have had to replace was 215 plus delivery from Belgium. The average price for a replacement part lies between 75 - 125.

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Pictured here are just some of the locks we have in stock. We also carry full length multi-point locks by all the leading manufacturers - Yale, Winkhaus, Ferco, Millenco, Mila, Lockmaster, Fullex, ERA, Fuhr, G-U, Maco and more. So give 365:Locks a call for any enquiries and you will speak directly to a local locksmith who will be happy to help.

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