At 365:locksCheam, we believe in getting the job done right, which is why we carry a large stock on our van. This allows us to turn up at a job, supply and fit the locks and leave you to get on with the rest of your day. In most cases you will not be left waiting at home while we go off and try to locate the exact lock you require. Listed below are just some of the locks we have in stock to fit at any time night or day.

Rim cylinder - commonly referred to as a Yale lock. These locks are found on most wooden front doors and would operate the part on the inside of the door called a night latch. If this is the only lock you have on your front door you need to seriously think about having a 5 lever British Standard deadlock fitted, not only for your own security but also to satisfy your home contents insurance policy. Other named makes you may come across are ERA, Euro Spec, Union, Bird, Zone and Asec.

Night Latch - Pictured here is a Yale 89, one of the most common night latches to be found on wooden doors. This is a double locking night latch, which means it can be deadlocked from the outside by inserting the key and rotating it one full turn and removing the key. But make sure there is no one still indoors, as the handle on the inside will now be locked. Other named night latches available are Chubb, Union, ERA, Euro Spec, Ingersoll, Banham and Asec.

Euro Cylinder - This is another popular lock which can be found mainly on UPVC doors. They come in 2 versions, keyway both ends or a thumb turn on the inside for a quick exit. These can also be used on wooden doors with a deadlock case, this can then be keyed alike with a rim cylinder, meaning just one key to operate both locks. I find these are popular on communal doors as it means less keys for the occupants. Euro cylinders come in many lenghts and it is important to fit the right size, if it is sticking out any more than 3-4 millimetres, they are a security risk. They are also available in anti-snap and anti-bump versions, which can help to slow down an intruder. Available brands are Iseo, ERA, Zone, Carl F, Asec, Yale, Sabre and Union amongst others.

5 Lever British Standard deadlock- commonly reffered to as a Chubb. You should find this lock fitted to wooden front doors, to comply with your insurance terms and conditions. If you haven't got one and you are paying for home contents insurance, you had better check your policy as you may find that you have no cover in the event of a burglary. The one pictured here is a Chubb 3G114E which incidentally is now branded as a Union, as Chubb locks no longer exist. These locks can be keyed alike if you have more than one on your property, meaning less keys to worry about.

5 Lever British Standard sash lock - This lock is similar to a deadlock except it has a latch which would be operated by a set of handles. This lock is most often found on wooden back doors and again, may be required to comply with your home contents insurance policy. Along with the deadlock above the most common brand names available are Chubb (now Union), Union, Legge, ERA, Securefast, Asec, Ingersoll and Banham.

High Security Night Latches - here are 3 examples of what are considered to be high security night latches. Above is the Ingersoll SC71 which is a popular lock found on many front doors. Above right is the Yale PBS1 another popular lock from the Yale range, and finally to the right is the Ingersoll London Line with a Mul-t-lock cylinder. These locks are designed to stop easy entry into a property with anti-slip measures in place, they are also designed to stop easy drilling, picking and bumping.

Mul-t-lock cylinders - pictured here is a 10 cog mul-t-lock cylinder with a dimple key. These are higher security than your average euro cylinder, and are often found on ex-council properties in and around London. This particular one is a Garrison , also available are the Intergrator and the Interactive.

Evva DPS Cylinders - Another high security cylinder which comes with a registered key, which means only the registered keeper can get a key copied upon production of the relevent signature.

Banham cylinders - The highly secure and highly regarded Banham cylinders with dimple keys. These will normally come as a keyed alike pair to operate the night latch and the deadlock and would come with 2 keys as standard. They are also registered keys which can only be copied by registered keeper upon production of a key card and a signature.

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